Borneo Plux Sdn. Bhd. Incorporated in June 2018. Our company is founded in Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia. We are a group of passionate entrepreneur people in helping the traditional business transformation into digitalise era through new business modeling/platform builders. Also, we are providing relevant IT services for our clients according to their actual needs and event organises.

We have successfully provided many digilisation services also held many events for both domestic and international clients. We aim to have a combination of all our services that are inter-related within the digital ecosystem.

The core value of our company, specializing in digital platforms, content creation, event consultation, and media production, is to deliver innovative and impactful experiences that captivate audiences and drive meaningful connections.

Our objectives center around fostering creativity, leveraging cutting-edge technology, and delivering exceptional value to our clients, while consistently maintaining the highest standards of quality and professionalism in all aspects of our services.

Company Status

Number of Employees

We are team of 12 employees currently provide professional services to our clients

Quality of Employees

Our Clients are always our main focus and provide long term values to our Clients

Technology and IT Training

Internal training provides for our employees from time to time

Type of Company

Services, E-platform research and development, information analytics and event organisation

Our Awesome Leadership

New Generation, New Technology, New Development. All these become our new services to our clients for transformation. 

Director & Co-founder

Business transformation is a new direction for all the business to tap into the new techno-generation. It is about the creation of new business innovative.

Zoey Ting
Director & Co-Founder